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Plan It Out Class

Hi everyone!

I’m so glad you’ve joined me again! This time I would like to share with you my new Plan It Out class at Big Picture Classes. In this class I share with you about the planners I use and how I use them. Also you will see how I customize my planners!


I’m currently using:

  • a Desk Planner, to track my daily to-do lists and activities
  • a couple of Faith Planners, one at home and the other on the go
  • a Meal & Fitness Planner, to keep my menu list for the week, as well as my workout plan for the day and my grocery list
  • a Memory Planner, to document my everyday in a few words
  • and a On-The-Go Planner, to go with me in my bag when I’m away from home, because I love to have my lists and my schedule for the day on hand

In the mean time while you have a chance to check out the class I’ll leave you a Craft Project insert as a free printable for your personal size planner!

This printable has been made to fit an A4 size paper and it comes with guide lines for you to cut. Be sure to print Page 1 first, then turn over your paper and print Page 2.

Craft Project A4 – personal size BPC


This is one of the inserts I created for myself to keep on track of the craft projects I love to do in my free time. I have a few more free printables that I’ll be sharing with you in the future. Hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day!




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